Monday, May 16, 2016

Dead pigs with maggots please

Dead pigs with maggots please

There are  millions and millions of germs and bacteria all over the world .we have thousands of bacteria inside of us. if the every one or everything that died never decomposed and they just lay around their would be piles and piles of dead people every where nobody would be able to move.decomposing means that it breaks away into little pieces and the mold then the mold starts eating it  and then every thing that was dead becomes decomposed. pigs are exactly like humans they are omnivores and we both eat meat and vegetables also the average human is the same weight and size as the average pig and pigs skin is very similar to ours as well they decompose the same way as we do to bacteria helps the body decompose when someone dies bacteria is very important

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  1. Well done Luke I like the way you have described the words that the reading group was a little unsure about. I wonder what creature we are going to learn about next in reading